Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inspiration movie

I all ways love to be taken by a good movie. And I want to share this good experience with you, this film is an Indie film and it is called "In Search of a Midnight Kiss". It was both really fun, and poetic and a very fine mood and atmosphere of L.A. You got to see this film.
Maybe it is not time for seeing movies this time of the year, because as you can see on the tree outside my window, you are suppose to be outside. But this film really needs to be seen.


  1. i haven't heard of this movie. will look out for it though!

  2. Hello Lisa,

    Thank you so much for your order from my shop, comments on my blogs and to let me know the arrival of your package! I'm glad you got it safely and I really hope you will enjoy it!!

    Have a lovely day!!!!