Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Barcomi Coffee

Today I will recommend a place where you can buy the best coffee ever. It is a café in Berlin called Barcomi , they also have a online shop . Denis and I always buy our coffee here, and have it send to Denmark. It is so wonderful, when the coffee arrives to Copenhagen. It smells like heaven. Actually it makes my days better, drinking the coffee I really love. 


  1. kender faktisk kun barcomis for deres cheesecake! yummmmmmy! men de kan nok ikke klare en tur i posten.. MÅ snart til berling

  2. Hiya,

    Thanks for your comment...and now I have been introduced to your blog which I love!

    Charley x

  3. Hej mette
    Ja, deres kager er også super. Jeg kunne også godt klare en lille weekend tur til Berlin.

    Hi Charley
    I am glad that you like my blog.