Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Food from Heaven

On this post I want to thank our good friend Björn Olsson from Stockholm. He made our stay in Stockholm like a fantastic taste travel. He is the chef at the gourmet Restaurant F12 in Stockholm. He came in to work on a Saturday just for making the food for us, and we are more than greatful. After we have tasted a bit of heaven, we are still smiling. Here is what we got this evening:
 · oysters with dill-flavoured mussels with lettuce and beer
 · Duck’s liver with radishes, apple and winter herb tea
 · Cod from Lofoten with roe, Cecile potato and truffles
 · milk-fed lamb with soured grapes, turnips and green mustard
 · svecia, 28 months, pressed pear, caraway and oats
 · blood orange, leaves and kubeba pepper
 · chocolate with sweet corn, burnt milk and fennel
 · almond and apple
For everybody who goes to Stockholm make you self a favor and visit F12 and taste a bit of Heaven. You will not regret. It is Björn on the left side of the picture.


  1. looks like you had the best time i Stockholm. Want to hear more!!!!

  2. Hov...the post was from Meyer-Lavigne and not avantGarden. Pus pus!!

  3. Yes stockholm is beautiful and in many ways it was a good inspiration.