Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stella Magazine makes you happy and use your brain.

I finally had some time to read Stella Magazine Issue 2 more carefully, and I really enjoyed that. It was a relief to read a womans magazine, with a purpose and substance. A magazine that makes you think. This Issue is about Beauty, and it discusses what beauty is and the faces of beauty in many aspects. Normally when I read a woman magazine, I often get annoyed about how little substance it has. Mostly the womans magazine of today only have subjects like how to get bikini ready in a month, what to find in a makeup purse of some kind of famous person, where to go shopping and so on. And if you try to get "bikini ready" and loose 10 punds in a month it often leaves you as a failure, because it is more or less impossible.

In Stella Magazine Isssue 2 on page 54 I read Pernille Pangs article called "Sounds Of Beauty" and it inspired med to go and listen to all the great albums Pernille wrote about. It was fantastic to listen to all these albums, like going down at memory lane, and instead of feeling like a failure(which I normally do if I would try to get bikini ready in a month) I felt enriched. Thank you Pernille Pang and Stella Magazine to write stuff with substance.

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