Friday, December 30, 2011

Yurt from Mongolia - Christmas

In springtime we ordered a Yurt for our son Mika - made and send from mongolia. It was a fantastic christmas present to give to Mika and we all had a lot of fun putting it up at my parents-in-law house and sleeping in it during christmas.
Now we have to find a place and put it up in our own apartment, and actually it was a "bit" larger (260 cm in diameter) than expected, so we need to re-arrange the rooms.
I am crazy about these tents, and hopefully we can buy a larger yurt in the future and make a travel to Mongolia. I LOVE new adventures.


  1. hej Lisa,Happy New Year and woooww? it's called Ger in my Mongolian language. i'm from Mongolia and live in Copenhagen. if you are curious or anything you want to ask or know about Mongolia i would be happy to see you :)
    Hilsen Monica

  2. Hi monica thank you for the information about the real name of the tent in Mongolian language, I would love to meet and hear more about mongolia.
    I will contact you in February .
    Thanks a lot.
    greetings from Lisa

  3. Hi Lisa! I just stumbled on your little boy's "room" via Lille Nord and I love it! My husband and I currently live in Denmark, but we spent a very happy year in Mongolia a few years ago and we were wondering where you found your ger/yurt