Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A lot of work in the studio.

Today has been a busy day at the studio, we have been writing on an article for an interior magazine, been seeking information for our design trip to New York during New York design week 2012, working on our new website for Underwerket and doing sketches for some patchwork for a DIY project. What a day.
And I will welcome Camilla Klemp who is our new trainee at the studio, she is SO good.


  1. Patchwork DIY...I'am looking forward.

    ......og tak for sidst, meget hyggeligt trods en sindssyg hund!!

  2. Yes it is going to be really fine. I tis fun to express my self in different media.
    ----og selv tak kristine, meget hyggeligt trods en lille gøende skindhals------