Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two strange creatures

Two strange creature flew out of my pen today. They are for my paintings.
While I am working on them, I have two sweet girls from Sweden doing patchwork for me.
Thank you Sara and Josefin for your good work.
And Camilla from Norway are helping Denis with a photoshoot, drawing and 1000 other things. She is a FANTASTIC help. Thank you Camilla.
A sweet Rikke is doing embroidery for me, can't wait to see my illustrations in new colors on embroidery.
I am lucky to have so much good help.


  1. nice creature - he looks like a little teaser ?sounds like a lot of different and nice things are happening at Underwerket. I love doing the embrodery. See you soon ;)

  2. · { superfine motiver ... og dejligt med hjælp fra andre ... knus } ·