Monday, May 28, 2012

Working on a very hot day

Today it is 31 degrees/87 fahrenheit and very humid here in New York. I am sitting at a cafe at lower east and are working......actually it is better to be inside than outside. Later today we will visit an old friend from my first time here in NYC.
And sorry for not posting very much the last week, but the Design Fair ICFF has been a lot of work for the whole family.


  1. Hey cool, I didn´t know you have a blog. Thanks for visiting mine. I´m so happy to have one of your posters in our living room.
    Today my son (6yrs) wanted to know what all those words mean. He laughed hysterically at "my jeans are too tight".

    Good luck with ICFF!

    1. Thank you Laura - I am glad you like my work and my print is hanging in your living room. Maybe you should not tell him everything I have written on the frame, everything is not for children: )
      And I can tell you that my jeans still are too tight - I wish they were not, but......
      Anyway I am glad your son laughed.
      greetings to you, I would love to visit Finland in the future.