Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lisa Grue and Little Red Stuga

October the 1st it will be possible to buy the the new BU! blankets from the swedish company Little Red Stuga. I have made an illustration for the blanket BU! Teddy. The other reowned artist are Elisabeth Dunker and Will Broome. Even if Mika has turned 4 year, I am still going to play with him with this BU! Teddy blanket. Read more about the collaboration here.

About the BU! blanket: Throughout the last six months, babies and toddlers alike have enjoyed Bu! Indian. Besides being a travelling friend the comforting blankie doubles as a peekabo sheet, and offers different levels of pedagogical and playful interaction depending on the child’s age – peekaboo games for the smaller children, character and role play for the toddlers. The holes are perfect for thumbsuckers too.