Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Afternoon visit at Illustrator Samantha Hahn in NYC

When I was in New York this summer I went by my sweet college Samantha Hahns apartment and had a chat with her. Take a look at her cosy apartment.

About: Samantha Hahn is a New York based illustrator and blogger working for a range of clients in editorial, publishing, advertising, branding and licensing. Some clients include Random House, Chronicle Books, Marie Claire, McCann Erickson,  Anthropologie and Daily Candy.

Samantha lives in Murray, Hill on the East Side of Manhattan, together with her husband and their two and a half year old son Henry. 
Do you have a big interest in interior design, and decorating your home?  (I love love love beautiful interiors from sites like Design *Sponge, Decor8, Dos Family, Elisabeth Dunker and more!! I don't have a ton of time or endless bank account so I created the space I want for now with the knowledge that it will evolve over time as we change as a family and our tastes change overtime. I love that a space is an ever changing canvas to play with.

Do you have a favorite interior designer you specific like? I don't really know too many professionals but I'm in awe of Elisabeth Dunker's effortless, serene and yet playful spaces in her studio and home.

Do you read interior design magazines - if yes which ones? 
I mostly love looking at people's real spaces on sites like Pinterest and blogs though I miss Domino Magazine so much. I think Dwell and Elle Decor are great too.

If you did not live in NYC, what place and country would you choose? 
I really can't imagine living in any other US city. I mean I like the West Coast but I think I'd be interested in trying Copenhagen, Paris or London.

Can you recommend 3 great shops to buy things for your home in NYC? 
Matter, Dwell and John Derian.

Is there any interior designer or brand you would love to do an illustration job for? 
Hmm...I suppose it would be great fun to work with Dwell. I love their patterns and designs. If they ever do a line of watercolor textiles and wallpapers I'm their gal! I just had the privilege of working with Germany based Design Blogger Holly Becker on her latest book, I illustrated floor plans for her which was not my usual type of work but it was really fun and I got a sneak peek at the beautiful spaces she's featuring.

Photo by: Denis Sytmen

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If you like her work you can buy her fine illustrations here.

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